Nikitin E-Cruiser

Welcome to a new and exciting era in electric bikes: The Nikitin E-Cruiser has been built from the ground up to suit Australian conditions. Ease of use, rider comfort and straight out practicality have been at the forefront throughout the extensive design and development process. The low step through frame ensures easy accessibility for the rider. A combination of fat tyres, front fork, seat-post suspension and the wide comfortable Nikitin saddle combine seamlessly to provide today’s rider with a level of comfort not previously experienced.  Whether on a boat or train, in a bus or caravan, even in the car, the foldable frame ensures that the Nikitin E-Cruiser is easily stored.  

The Nikitin E-Cruiser has 5 levels of pedal assisted power up to 25kph with an option for non-pedal assisted power up to 20kph! The Nikitin E-Cruiser operates on any one of three lithium-ion batteries:  13Ah, 15.6Ah, or 17.4Ah, it’s a smart way to acknowledge that not all riders have the same requirements. They can easily be detached from the bike frame during extended storage.

The heavy duty rear storage rack provides numerous ‘carry’ solutions; it accommodates pannier bags, ideal for work commutes: storage boxes when visiting the shops or soft shoulder pannier bags when you are out for a leisure cruise or heading to your favourite coffee shop!

Price List
Nikitin E-Cruiser Lite with 13.0 Ah battery $2,150.00 AUD
Nikitin E-Cruiser Premium with 15.6 Ah battery $2,300.00 AUD
Nikitin E-Cruiser Premium + with 17.4 Ah battery $2,500.00 AUD

There are so many things to like about this bike. To experience it firsthand is to understand the hype that surrounds the Nikitin E-Cruiser, so why not book a cost and obligation free test ride today and let our sales demonstrator talk you through its many unique features. Alternatively, if you have made up your mind and you are ready to purchase, please select your desired Nikitin E-Bike model via the link below.

Key Features



The use of Samsung lithium-ion batteries is indicative that reliability is at a forefront of our electric bike designs. The addition of an integrated USB charging port provides on demand charging for phones or tablets.​

The front suspension forks and the extra large Kenda tyres provide a premium ride comfort, whether on a road or off-road surface.​

Bafang Motor


High torque motor makes cruising a breeze. Normally the power is limited to 250W. However, for the sole purpose of off-road activities the motor can be adjusted to 500W.

Front (white) and rear (red) LED lights ensure high visibility and maximum safety. As an additional safety feature the rear light is actuated when the rear brake is applied.


Heavy Duty Frame

Safety is a key feature in the design of Nikitin Electric Bikes and this is ensured by the superior performance of the Tektro MD-M300 Aries mechanical braking system.

The rust free aluminum frame has been engineered to a maximum payload capacity of 125kgs; this includes a removable rear rack.         



The range of the bike is dependent on the size of battery selected. Generally the 13Ah unit has an approximate range up to 55kms. By comparison the 15.6Ah has an approximate range up to 65kms. With the 17.4Ah battery, expect an approximate range up to 80km.

The maximum on road cruising speed is 25kph, whilst the thumb throttle is set to 6kph. There is an option to increase the cruising speed (off-road activities) to 30kph or to adjust the thumb throttle speed to 20kph.


Frame     6061 Heat treated aluminium

Size         Low step through frame 

Fork      Mozo steel suspension fork

Colour    Matt black frame  

Handlebar    Custom foldable handlebar

Stem             Neco

Saddle          Custom Nikitin comfort saddle

Seatpost       Promax with suspension

Pedals           Welgo foldable aluminium pedals

Lighting        Front LED | Rear LED

Motor       Bafang 500W limited to 250W

Display    Nikitin LCD display

Sensor    12 precision cadence sensors

Speed      25KPH pedal | 6KPH or 20KPH throttle 

Controls  Pedal assist | Thumb throttle 

Rims         Double wall finished in gloss red

Spokes     Front 13g | Rear 12g  

Tyres        Kenda 

Fenders   Aluminium fenders

Brakes          Tektro MD-M300 Aries mechanical disc

Brake lever   Tektro with integrated bell

Shifter           Shimarno

Crankset       Prowheel 52T

Chain             KMC

Derailleur      Shimano Acera

Battery   48V 13Ah Samsung 2,600 mAh cells

Range     700 charge cycles up to 55kms 

Battery   48V 15.6Ah Samsung 2,600 mAh cells

Range     700 charge cycles up to 65kms 

Battery   48V 17.4Ah Samsung 2,900 mAh cells

Range     700 charge cycles up to 80kms 

12 Reasons to Buy



Electric bikes will help a rider travel comfortably over a variety of terrains, to travel faster and cover greater distances. All this without the fatigue or physical strain that is associated with the use of a regular bike.

Electric bikes will get you out and about, riding more frequently. According to the Transport Research Laboratory UK, owners of electric bikes are more than twice as likely to utilise their electric bike as regular non-electric bikes.

Cost Efficient

Beat the Rush

Electric bikes are the most fuel-efficient mode of transport for every day travel. Battery recharging costs are a matter of cents, whilst the same cannot be said for motor vehicles. No costly insurance, road tax or regular maintenance overheads. How efficient is that?

Electric bikes are enormously cost effective compared to public transport. You’ll no longer have the misery of being just another sardine in an overcrowded train or bus. Plus, electric bikes can be ridden on bicycle paths and you don’t have to pay for parking!


Power Assistance

Electric bikes are considerably safer than regular bikes. The majority of bicycle accidents occur at intersections. However the faster acceleration of an electric bike helps to minimise this risk, as you will be moving out of the danger zone much more quickly.

Electric bikes really come into their own when it comes to tackling hill climbs. The combination of power assistance modes ensures that all the mountains turn into easily climbable molehills, thus ensuring that you’ll be enjoying the journey and the scenery.


Force of Nature

Electric bikes assist with fitness. The intensity of a work out is less than a regular bicycle, however, as you’ll be utilising the electric bike more you’ll burn more calories. In fact, on average it’s estimated that you’ll burn up to 400+ calories per hour! And eBikes are fantastic for all fitness levels.

Electric bikes are great for tackling crosswinds or headwinds. Gust in winds are fantastic when they’re behind you, but headwinds can ruin your ride. On an electric bike all that’s required is to adjust the electric motor power mode to suit the conditions.


Fun Factor

The Carbon footprint from an electric bike is almost negligible. Furthermore, riders will benefit from cost efficient travel and personal fitness improvements. Each journey you take results in a reduction of your carbon footprint, as you’ll be putting less Co2 into the atmosphere.

Electric bikes are simple but hey, they are just so much fun. We know you’re going to love riding around on an electric bike. We love the reactions we see after a rider’s first trip on an E Bike. So why not book a test ride now?

You'll love it

Fit in with the Crowd

If you’re reading this, electric bikes are for you. No matter what your age, from Teen to Grandparent and beyond, you are certain to enjoy the journey on an electric bike. Dash off to the bowling club or the local coffee shop will be more fun than you ever imagined, never mind showing off your new toy and loving every minute of it!

Electric bikes are taking Australia by storm. In Europe, you’ll regularly see locals riding their electric bikes. There are organised groups, clubs and E Bike tours are now being offered! And now they’re making a big impact on the Australian market. If you’re riding one, you just know you are going to fit right in.

Our Guarantee

Nikitin believes in the importance of peace of mind for clients making an electric bike purchase. To this end our electric bikes are accompanied by a generous warranty to ensure that in the unlikely event of an unforeseen issue that you'll be back on the saddle as soon as possible. For this reason, our electric bikes are warranted, on a ‘return to shop’ basis, for a period of 12 months from the date of purchase. 

Our warranty includes but is not limited to:

Electrical, Structural and Mechanical Components only when used on the Australian Mainland. All repairs are carried out at our premises once the bicycle has been dropped off. If, due to distance or other unforeseen reasons, this is not feasible, parts can be shipped to your address for installation by you. Alternatively, on approval from Nikitin during the warranty period – Nikitin will cover the repair installation cost from your local bicycle repair store

Exclusions to this warranty:

Brake Discs, Brake Pads, LED Globes, Handle Grips, Tyres and Tubes.


Bike Manual

WA Cycling Handbook

LCD Display

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Questions & Answers

Absolutely! Electric bikes have a similar classification as a regular bicycle. Therefore, can go anywhere a traditional bicycle are allowed, such as shared paths, footpaths or bicycle paths, as long as the rider is aged 16 or older.

Absolutely! Electric bikes assist with fitness. The intensity of a work out is less than a regular bicycle, however, as you’ll be utilizing the electric bike more you’ll burn more calories. In fact, on average it’s estimated that you’ll burn up to 400+ calories per hour! And eBikes are fantastic for all fitness levels.

No! Electric bikes don’t require a license to drive, road registration, comprehensive or third party insurance or a driver’s license to use an electric bicycle. Although, the bike can only be used by people aged 16 or older.

Our range of electric bikes start from $1,850 for the foldable entry level bicycle and go up to $2,500 for our fat bikes.

Not necessarily, although it’s strongly recommended that you do pedal. Because depending on the terrain you’ll need to pedal whilst travelling up steep hills, although you won’t need to pedal hard! Plus, pedaling increases the enjoyment factor, improves the range of the battery, extends the useful life of the electrical components and helps improve your own fitness.

An electric bike operates and handles just like a regular bicycle. The majority of components on an electric bike are the same as those found on a normal bicycle.

The electrical system on an electric bike is there to provide assistance to the rider’s physical input, but not to completely eliminate it! An electric bike makes obstacles such as hills and headwind more manageable, it also allows the rider to travel further without undue fatigue.  

The motor assists the rider when either the pedals are used or when the thumb throttle is operated. This allows the rider to select the power assistance required to suit a particular terrain or to adjust the level of physical input the rider decides to contribute.